This service does not intend to be a crisis or emergency service. Should you are in crisis, please call 111 to the police station or go to the nearest emergency room, such as Palmerston North Hospital Emergency Department (06) 350 8750.

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I provide long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy to adults, young people, and seniors. Psychodynamic approach was originated from psychoanalysis founded by Sigmund Freud. He believed in human inner drives. They motivate people to succeed but also lead to failure. They bring love and hate, healing and hurt. 

Psychodynamic approach is a deep psychological work to your mental life, comprising thoughts, emotions, and phantasies. While you might feel stuck, not knowing what to do, you do have the answer and ability to cope. You are only hindered unconsciously by fear, shame, worry to lose connection and trauma. Our brain is a delicate machine working in wonder to protect us from hurt feelings. Sometimes, our courage and confidence are buried down with  those unwanted feelings. 

I will work with you to walk through those hurtful memories and wake your energy. In the safe space, I will listen attentively to whatever you want to share and respond to you with my tentative interpretation in a respectful way. You could share more of associated ideas, feedbacks and corrections. As our dialogue unfolds, you will understand yourself more and retrieve your motivation and ability. 



We will discuss about the length of your therapy. You have the autonomy to decide it. Counseling research shows that people generally feel better after 4 sessions. In my experience, 8 to 12 sessions would ameliorate preliminary symptoms. Depending on how deep you want to go, the longer therapy will help you make more sense of your past trauma, current relationship, and yourself.

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Some people prefer to work with more structure and having advices. In that case, I will provide short-term counseling. I adopt eclectic approach including cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, acceptance and commitment psychotherapy, and solution-focused therapy. Together, we will work on your problem and try to find the solution.

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We build intimate relationship since we are born. We rely on our parents and live by close familial bond. Growing up, we are drawn by people who arouse romantic feelings within us. Entering adulthood, we might consider creating a life with our intimate partner. However, out  of our awareness, love relationship can turn into endless fights, cold distance, or lost of attraction. We become lonely and hopeless in our endeavor for love.

I provide emotionally-focused couple therapy to the “love paradox.” It was formulated by Dr. Sue Johnson and Dr. Leslie Greenberg. Sue studied thousands of couple interaction in the video tapes and worked out this model. Sue and her colleagues conduct extensive research and support its effectiveness. EFT emphasizes our innate need for connection- attachment. I will work with you two to set up the goal of “your relationship.” EFT uses a beautiful metaphor for relationship-dance. I will guide you to share what’s happening between you and identify your “stuck dance.” From there, I will help you access your feelings and needs and in particular express them to your partner. Gradually, you will not step on each other’s toe (hurt and sorrow) on your relationship tango and could rebuild the intimate relationship which answers your deep longings.

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